Two concepts from the design world: UI and UX

  • September 30, 2021
  • Deniz Artun Aydın

UX and UI concepts are among the most heard concepts in the design world. Although these concepts, which are often mentioned and used together, are not used separately, they actually need a different definition in themselves.

UI, i.e. user interface, UX, i.e. user experience, work for two different functions of the same application and they have different workloads. UI and UX designers have to work together constantly during the product development process. The fact that they are in constant communication and teamwork reflects positively on the final application. So what is the difference between these two concepts and what do they do?

UX is generally concerned with how it interacts on the site. The person who imagines and designs how this interaction will be is called User Experience Designer. The purpose of UX is to make the operation you want to do simple, smooth and easy, that is, to give you a good experience. The UX designer must consider many things, not just the user's experience on the site. If you are selling a product, the situations that continue until that product reaches the customer are in the interest of UX. After all, it all forms part of the experience.

Of course, the UI designer also plays a big role in the visual appeal of the site to the user. After all, UI design is about how the site looks in general. But most importantly, it ensures that a site or an application is cohesive, functional and consistent. It greatly affects the continuity of the visit to the website or the preference rate of the application. The UI designer needs to be in constant research in order to offer more up-to-date functionality to Users. It adapts to the changing structure with a flexible understanding. It strives to ensure that the usage is not an old generation display. In this direction, it is important to make a customer or user analysis. In addition, the testing phase is also very important for user interface design, as always. For example, in order for animations and buttons to work properly, desktop and mobile compatibility should be tested.

If we need to express it in short sentences;

  • UX makes interfaces useful and easy, UI makes interfaces appealing to the eye
  • The UX designer performs their duties before the UI designer and then they do the development together.
  • UX design takes place throughout the product or service delivery process; UI is only about interfaces.
  • UX helps users achieve their wishes in the easiest way and ensures a good experience. UI appeals to the senses and connects the user to the site.