What is People Development?

  • December 21, 2020
  • Sadık Cihad Ceviz

Ensuring continuous employee development by receiving appropriate training in line with the work of all employees. It is aimed that each workstation has the right abilities and skills with the right training planning in line with the functioning of the job.

Trainings carried out in line with the regular control of employee competence can be applied to all employees under the roof of the company, as they will positively affect the production of the company. Examples of these employees are Maintenance staff, technology experts and staff working in the administrative unit. In addition, PD Column is responsible for managing and controlling the distribution of a certain WCM process to all workstations.

The suggestion system in the PD allows the company employees to exchange ideas with each other, and it is a structure that allows the employees to make suggestions to improve the production process and to think about the working environment and the operation of the company.

Regarding absenteeism, the manager or employer should not come to work without informing company personnel and without an excuse. The absenteeism of the company personnel is mostly caused by the behaviors towards the inactive worker within the company, except for reasons not in the hands of the personnel (transportation, family situations, illness). With the PD column, it is aimed to control these behaviors and prevent absenteeism.

Another concept in the Pd column is "Labor Turnover Speed". Labor; Recruitment of new personnel, dismissal, dismissal, resignation, turnover and the workplace itself. And Pd Column controls and manages all event flows on staff. The number of personnel who resigned or dismissed is proportional to the number of personnel of the company, and it is aimed to optimize this ratio with WCM applications. In general, the Pd column is also aimed at managing company employees and increasing their competencies continuously by controlling their competencies. Competent staff for world-class production. BEELINK for the control and development of your employees.